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Multiple Choice Exercise  
You can choose some categories below :

Simple Present Tense MCQs
Instructions :
  1. Choose the correct answer from the multiple choice.
  2. Your choice can not be changed.
  3. Click submit button to check your score.
  4. Score and Answer key can be opened if you have answered all questions.

1. Kelly ...... that she'll go with us.
A. doubt
B. doubted
C. doubts
D. doubting
E. are doubting

2. She ...... each summer in the mountain.
A. spending
B. is spent
C. spend
D. spent
E. spends

3. Emma always ......... things without knowing all the facts.
A. decide
B. decided
C. is decided
D. decides
E. deciding

4. My mother always ......... excuses when I feel like going to the cinema.
A. made
B. is making
C. makes
D. make
E. making

5. Rossa ........ she is not going to Singapore this year.
A. assume
B. assumes
C. assumed
D. assuming
E. is assumed

6. Leah sometimes ......... newspaper in the morning.
A. reading
B. to read
C. are reading
D. read
E. reads

7. What are you talking about? I .......... what you mean.
A. don't know
B. doesn't know
C. knows
D. am knowing
E. known

8. ...... Leona ..... to the hospital?
A. Does, goes
B. Is, go
C. Does, go
D. Do, go
E. Are, going

9.  Ravi ...... it's inconvenient, but he ...... go anyway.
A. know, want
B. know, wants
C. know, wants to
D. knows, want to
E. knows, wants to

10. Does your mother ......... old dress?
A. has
B. had
C. is having
D. have
E. has not adalah blog tentang bahan belajar. Gunakan menu atau penelusuran untuk menemukan bahan belajar yang ingin dipelajari.


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