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Multiple Choice Exercise  
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Verb To be (is, am, are) MCQs
Instructions :
  1. Choose the correct answer from the multiple choice.
  2. Your choice can not be changed.
  3. Click submit button to check your score.
  4. Score and Answer key can be opened if you have answered all questions.

1. You told me that Diana's brothers ..... in Mexico, but I saw Luke yesterday. I think he .... here now.
A. eat
B. are, is
C. is eating
D. was eating
E. ate

2. Her mom .... in hospital now, but her brothers .... still in USA. They'll go home tomorrow.
A. isn't, are
B. are, isn't
C. are, is
D. is, is
E. is, are

3. Those .... your books. I am sorry your novel .... still in my home.
A. aren't, are
B. are, are
C. is, is
D. are, is
E. is, are

4. Someone told me that your brother and Leo's sister ... in relationship. .... your brother happy? I ... so glad to hear that.
A. is, is, are
B. isn't, are, am
C. are, is, am
D. is, are, am
E. are, are, am

5. The last thing I must do .... feed the chickens. After that, I .... free. We can go to the market.
A. is, am
B. are, am
C. is, is
D. are, are
E. are, is

6. Your grandfather's brother ... my grandfather. So, we ... family.
A. is, aren't
B. isn't, are
C. is, is
D. are, is
E. is, are

7. I ... fine, thanks. How .... Mr. and Mrs. Tom? .... your mom good?
A. am, are, is
B. am, are, are
C. am, is, are
D. is, am, are
E. are, is, is

8. Your parents .... rich, but their son in low .... rich enough.
A. are, are
B. isn't, are
C. aren't, is
D. are, is
E. is, are

9. Merry and Lusy ..... twins, ...... they?. But I think they .... so different.
A. is, aren't, are
B. are, are, are
C. aren't, are, are
D. are, aren't, are
E. is, aren't, is

10. These ..... my socks. Where ... my sock?
A. is, is
B. isn't, are
C. are, are
D. aren't, is
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