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  1. When you arrived on the 6th floor, give my note to the secretary and she ......... you to my office.
    A. Will direct
    B. To direct
    C. Directs
    D. Directing
    E. Directed

  2. X : "When did you start teaching?"
    Y : "In 2007. So, I ......... for 8 years by the end of 2015."
    1. Have been teaching
    2. Will have been teaching
    3. Will have taught
    4. Have taught
    5. Will be teaching

  3. My brother ........ in this place for two years before the end of this month.
    1. Will have been working
    2. Will have worked
    3. Have worked
    4. Will work
    5. Worked

  4. I hope that by the time my father retires, I ....... a job.
    1. Will have got
    2. Have got
    3. Am getting
    4. Got
    5. Get

  5. X : "Don't you think the bus diver is speeding?"
    Y : "Yes, I'm afraid he ....... the lives of the passengers."
    1. Would have endangered
    2. Would endanger
    3. Will endanger
    4. Endangered
    5. Endanger

  6. I can lend you the book by the time I ...... reading it.
    1. Will have finished
    2. Will be finishing
    3. Would finish
    4. Have finished
    5. Am finishing

  7. X : "Can I see you tomorrow to talk about the seminar?"
    Y : "Well, come at 10 o'clock, and I ........ teaching by then."
    1. Will have finished
    2. Will be finishing
    3. Will have been finishing
    4. Have finished
    5. Am finishing

  8. X : "Have you already decided where to go for your holidays?"
    Y : "Certainly, we ........ to Italy."
    1. Will have gone
    2. Have gone
    3. Will have been going
    4. Are going
    5. Go

  9. X : "We received a large donation from individual donors and bequests."
    Y : "I hope you distribute the money as soon as possible."
    X : "Don't worry. We ........ all the money by the end of this month."
    1. Will have distributed
    2. Have distributed
    3. Will have been distributing
    4. Will distributed
    5. Distribute

  10. X : "When are the children going to see the rice-field?"
    Y : "In June, after the harvest time."
    X : "Are they? So, by the time they get there, the farmers ........ all the crops."
    1. Will have harvested
    2. Had harvested
    3. Has harvested
    4. Harvested
    5. Harvest

  11. X : "Can you pick me up at around 2.00 p.m tomorrow?"
    Y : "I'm sorry I can't. I ........ then."
    1. Will be teaching
    2. Am teaching
    3. Have been teaching
    4. Have taught
    5. Will teach

  12. She didn't tell me where ......... after class.
    1. She would go
    2. She will go
    3. She would have gone
    4. Will she go
    5. Would she go

  13. X : "What's wrong with the computer, Ed? Can't you do anything about it?."
    Y : "There appears to be an error in the computer program. I will have the matter dealt with immediately."
    This means that Ed .....
    1. Is going to fix it immeadiately
    2. Asked his boss to deal with it
    3. Is going to deal with the computer
    4. Will ask someone to fix it for him
    5. Has dealt with such a problem before

  14. X : "Why are you taking the car to the garage?"
    Y : "........."
    1. I will check the brakes myself
    2. The brakes will be checked
    3. I will have checked the brakes
    4. I will have the brakes checked
    5. The brakes will have been checked

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